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A Letter From Our Founder

As an organization, Santa’s Spokes has made it a mission to distribute new bicycles to Lancaster City students during the holiday season, an effort dating back to 2012.

As healthcare professionals, business owners and invested community members, we first started the program by donating our own money with the help of some close friends in a circle that continually grew as the years went by; eventually leading to the organization being recognized as a non-profit entity.

While working with the School District of Lancaster to identify children who would benefit from the program, Santa’s Spokes not only provides brand-new bikes to these kids but also helmets and bike locks plus take-home meals on donation day to families as they pick out their bikes.

“As a kid growing up in the city, I will never forget the day I got my first bike. Eventually I made it my purpose to get a bike into the hands of kids that have never owned a new bike before. Watching it all come together gives me faith that our community has a great ability to support our younger generation”, says founder Joseph Weitzel.

We are asking for your support - big or small - as we begin our yearly trek of purchasing these items. Our reach depends on how much help we receive. Monetary donations and donations of non-perishable goods are the most common ways you can support this important cause.

Lancaster city bike shop and altruistic nurses give bikes to 54 children
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